The objectives of the Association are to represent collectively the interests of the residents, to provide a channel of communication with appropriate Local Authorities and to provide a forum for residents to express their concerns about matters affecting Purbrook and Widley Area.

A Message from the new Chairman of PAWARA

At an Executive Meeting of the Purbrook and Widley Area Residents Association (PAWARA) on 20th January, I was elected as the new Chairman of PAWARA, taking over from John Briggs.

As I am sure you are aware and as reported in the last newsletter, PAWARA was in danger of folding last November until a number of residents, myself included, encouraged the existing committee to 'hold-fast' until new blood could be found to assist the committee in fulfilling the constitution initially set out in 2005.   I believe that PAWARA can continue to be a relevant association that continues to do good things in the Purbrook and Widley area. A number of ideas were put forward to take the association forward and it is my job to enthuse and cajole both my fellow committee members and you, the wider residents, to embrace those initiatives.

Newsletter No: 31 will be drafted, approved, printed and delivered to the 3500+ homes that comprise the distribution list before the end of April.  It will reiterate the role of PAWARA, contain details of the new committee, changes to membership subscriptions (effective November 2014) and calendar of events for the year (public meetings and the Environment Group activities).

In advance of the newsletter a few items of interest:

  • The Environment Group will be meeting in Sandy Dell on Sunday 9th Feb, 9th Mar and 13th April, clearing the ground in preparation for the planting of English bluebells in the autumn.  If you would like to donate a few hours of your time, the group would welcome your attendance.  Meeting point – Sandy Dell at 0930.
  • No new memberships (including renewals) will be issued until November 2014 when ‘household’ memberships will replace ‘individual’ memberships.  It is hoped that the new (cheaper) memberships will prove attractive resulting in more members.
  • The next public meeting of PAWARA will be held at Deverell Hall, Purbrook on Thursday 22nd May, commencing at 7.15pm.
  • PAWARA needs a new Secretary. An Association is only as good as its Secretary and as the new Chairman, I will need a considerable amount of support and help. If you are interested in fulfilling this role, please contact me via e-mail in the first instance. 

I hope you can find the time to support PAWARA.

Gary Hughes
Chairman, PAWARA

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