The objectives of the Association are to represent collectively the interests of the residents, to provide a channel of communication with appropriate Local Authorities and to provide a forum for residents to express their concerns about matters affecting Purbrook and Widley Area.

Message from the Chairman

I would like to thank the PAWARA residents for attending the public meeting on Thursday evening at Deverell Hall.

The presentation by Keith Watson on Queen Elizabeth Country Park was very well received. It was interesting, funny and educational; we all now know why a 'Squirrel' is called a 'Squirrel'! Jaime Bridges, Community Officer with Havant Borough Council, gave an update on the Major Development Area (MDA) which generated a number of questions surrounding the various phases of the development and the plans for a 'Town Park'. PCSO's Carl Boxall and Lee Haywood made residents aware of recent spike in opportunistic burglaries in the Widley area and the steps that residents should take to avoid being victims in the future.

Mark Pinwill of Havant Borough Council attended the meeting to deliver a range of litter picking equipment (litter pickers, gloves, sacks) to assist us with our 'Adopt a Grot Spot' initiative. Five sites have been identified to date, with PAWARA residents being provided with the tools to enable them to safely pick litter in waste sacks that will be collected by HBC. PAWARA residents are invited to consider adopting other areas that would benefit from similar attention. Contact for more information.

The PAWARA Environment Group gave an update on the environmental work that has been undertaken since November and their future programme of work centred around; Sandy Brow, Penjar Pond, Woodsedge, Gauntletts Park, the 'Bog' (Ladybridge Road) and Marrelswood Coppice. If residents have any tools (Shears, Spades, Forks, Trowels, Bowsaws, Gloves, Secateurs) that they no longer require and would wish to donate them to PAWARA - please contact ring 023 - 92374152.

The Treasurer reported that PAWARA's finances were modest and in need of replenishment. The new 'household' membership scheme will come into effect in Nov 2014 - details will be included in the next Newsletter. A collection held on the evening raised £40 and was very much appreciated - thank you

It was clearly apparent that the PAWARA Newsletter is still the best means of communicating with residents. The Association relies on volunteers to deliver the Newsletter. We have a number of vacancies. If you would like to help deliver Newsletters on behalf of PAWARA - please contact or ring 023 - 92374152.

Please put a note in your diary for the next meeting 27th November 2014 @ Deverell Hall, which will be the Annual General Meeting, where we will celebrate 10 years of the Residents' Association.

Gary Hughes

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