The objectives of the Association are to represent collectively the interests of the residents, to provide a channel of communication with appropriate Local Authorities and to provide a forum for residents to express their concerns about matters affecting Purbrook and Widley Area.

Message from the Chairman

Litter Pick

To recognise national 'Community Clean Up' day, PAWARA organised our own 'Purbrook Spring Clean', which comprised two hours of litter picking followed by a full-english breakfast.  19 people participated in the event, collecting 51 bags of assorted rubbish and other non-baggable waste.  The winner of the most unusual piece of litter was Dianne Lloyd who sighted the 'dyson' vacuum cleaner in the undergrowth. I would like thank everyone who participated.  In addition, we invited the businesses along the route to 'buy a breakfast' for one of the volunteers.  The response has been positive and it is intended to formally thank those businesses that supported our efforts in the next edition of the newsletter.  A special thank-you to Aaron and Emma who opened up the Purbrook Bakery & Cafe for PAWARA; the breakfasts were a well-deserved reward for our endeavours. 

MDA - Is there TRUTH in the RUMOUR?
(or, Chinese Whispers)

RUMOUR 1 (5th December 2014)  - Because of flooding, work on the MDA is ceasing in a few weeks time and not restarting until April.   Ground Truth:  The three construction sites will be shutting down for the Christmas period.  However, all three sites have been contacted by Jacky Wilson (MDA Implementation Officer, Winchester City Council) and have confirmed that they are not experiencing any problems with flooding that is preventing them from undertaking their work.


Jacky Wilson - Blog
MDA Implementation Officer, Winchester City Council, Colebrook Street
SO23 9LJ - Tel:01962 848583

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